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It’s hard enough competing with other businesses so why would you spend the money to place your ad right next to theirs? We want to let your business shine and allow you to not have any competition steering your new customers elsewhere. When you are in our welcome package, then you lock in an exclusive slot for your specific type of business.

We want you to be efficient, helping in any way we can when it comes to generating business for you. That’s why, once our mailer has been received, we make personalized follow up calls to each new business not only welcoming them to the neighborhood but promoting your business and unique services as well.

At the end of each month, we provide a list of each name, address, and phone number (if available) that our mailer went to. No longer will you have to hope your marketing budget was spent wisely when you not only know it was sent to a verified address, but can conduct your own guerilla marketing – if you’re into that.

Social media has become a formidable means of advertising. That’s why we will not only build a Facebook Business page for you, but we can optimize your existing page, create an advertising campaign to reach your targeted customers, and provide training for how you can create your own posts to engage customers!